Physics is a subject which does not require strong memorization skills, but more of a mindset of an analytical nature. All students come with a preconceived understandings based on their prior experiences, which then forms unique mental models. These models are the way they see the world and determines their approach to situations towards learning physics.

Sadly, most students often possess inaccurate or incomplete understandings of physical phenomena. Also, they often approach this subject in a manner that is not conducive towards gaining conceptual understanding.

As a result, the standard curriculum has to be catered to each perceptive palate, rather than delivered in a student-independent manner.

It is true that students with strong mathematical foundation have an advantage. However, it does not replace the need for understanding in the study of this subject.

At Mulberry Education, the objectives of our lessons are

  • To guide students in forming more accurate mental models in their understanding of Physics concepts.
  • To aid students in having a better grasp of the precise scientific language, and to master answering techniques such as “cause and effect” or “compare and contrast”.
  • To help students improve the skills of problem solving, which reduces their reliance on the “plug-and-chug” method.
  • Last but not least, to help students to develop an interest in Physics.