At Mulberry Education, our teaching methodology revolves around the guiding principle that education is not a destination but a journey.

By equipping our students with the necessary skills to be in control of their learning, we strive to foster patience and composure such that they may be resilient even if they do not yet enjoy the fruits of their labour. We endeavour to inculcate in students the belief that with commitment, their dreams can take root and blossom despite adversity.


We believe in the Goldilocks principle, that something should be “just right” and fall within certain margins instead of tend towards opposite extremes.

In the school environment, students tend to find themselves learning at a pace determined by other students in the class. At Mulberry Education, we aim to provide the “just right” pace of learning to cater to your unique learning needs.

Falling behind in class? We can slow down, repeat topics or change the way the topic is taught. Ahead of the class and crave for something more? Let us take you deeper into the subject to stretch your critical thinking ability.

With a maximum teacher-student ratio of 1:6 for Secondary classes and 1:4 for Junior College classes, every individual will be able to obtain the attention required for an individualised learning experience.

Here is what to expect from our classes:


We go beyond the classroom in helping our students. By putting in place support programmes, we ensure that every student’s potential can be maximised without neglecting his or her emotional and social wellbeing.