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We are able to provide the best of both worlds – providing a structured framework that is exact to the learning pathway of your school or course while tailoring our materials to fit any stage of your academic journey.

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Student Testimonials

Initially, I faced difficulties understanding content heavy subjects as the notes provided by the school were very messy and hard to understand. Mr Donny's teaching was efficient and clear. He also inspired me to work hard when my grades dropped during one of the common test. With his teachings, I saw how enjoyable these topics were and i was motivated to push hard for my physics and strive for my best.

— Daniel Teo, TJC, A for H2 Physics (2018 A Levels)

I was unclear in many topics and not sure how to do many types of questions, hence my grades in Math and Physics were not good. After being taught by Donny, I was able to understand the topics better and learnt how to answer and solve more difficult questions. His teaching style is very personalised and easy to understand.

— Kendall Tang, NYJC, (A for H2 Math & Physics)

For A Math, Donny taught me the techniques of identifying the concepts involved in the question and link it to the formulas that are needed to solve it. In Physics, my main issue is that I tend to answer off topic to the structured questions. So Donny helped me understand the requirements of each question and answer it with the necessary key points. He goes through each new chapter individually with me, summarising each chapter in an effective and time-efficient manner. The practice questions attempted during the lesson give me the opportunity to clarify any misconceptions or doubts. His teaching style allows me to fully understand the concepts and apply them to various questions. It also helps me to learn at my own pace. Lastly, he constantly encourages me to keep trying and believed that I could do well, which really helped to motivate me alot.

— Gerard Ng, CJC, F9 to A1 for A Math, B3 for Physics (2017 O Level)